Wetland of the Mercareccia

The wetland area of Mercareccia is an important staging area for migratory birds, hosting abundant populations of important species, such as the Italian crested newt and the pond turtle, and represents a strategic area for the reproduction of several species of insects, including, in particular, dragonflies, especially the ones that live in temporary ponds, which are becoming increasingly rare environments.

The two ponds of Mercareccia, one in particular, occupy the bottom of a former disused tuff quarry that spontaneously re-naturalised, hosting precisely a rich aquatic fauna of amphibians and wintering birds, which can be observed from a bird-watching hut. From there you can admire species such as pairs of little grebes, common moorhens and coots.

The Mercareccia ponds were included in the list of important areas of the Mediterranean basin as regards the presence of ponds: they were actually declared a Special Protection Area (SPA) and a Site of Community Interest (SIC).

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