Visitor Centre of the Canale Monterano Nature Reserve

The Monterano Nature Reserve, established in 1988, covers an area of just over 1,000 hectares, rich in biodiversity and natural environments crossed by the Mignone River, included in the list of Sites of Community Interest (SIC). Hilly woods, volcanic ravines, pastures and meadows are home to numerous animal and plant species, some of which are rare. The Reserve hosts 24 fauna species included in the Red Lists of animals at risk of extinction, as well as 31% of the Italian fauna and as much as 56% of the fauna of the Lazio region. The Reserve, immersed in a territory of volcanic origin, hosts numerous mines for the extraction of sulphur, manganese and uranium, in addition to pools with gases gurgling from the underground and where the tufts of the grass Agrostis Albula (locally known under the common name of “capellini”) is the only plant able to resist. Among the characteristic animals of the wetlands, we find the Kingfisher, the Pond Turtle, the Water Snake and numerous Amphibians, including the Spectacled Salamander. The grazing areas are instead the kingdom of the Maremma breed cattle as well as of the horses used by the local cowherds (butteri). In the Reserve there are also numerous Orchid species (with over 30 species surveyed), some of which are rare.

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